Common Questions Asked When Decorating With Rugs

October 30, 2022 0 Comments

One of the most commonly asked questions whenever it comes to area rugs is if they can be used on wall-to wall carpeting. The answer to that question is yes. Almost forty percent of rugs that are purchased are chosen to add mood, color, and a certain look to a room . Visit 0nline for more details, Whenever you decide to place a rug on carpet would be to make sure that the pile of broadloom is short, otherwise the rug has the tendency to slip and slide all over the room.

When a rug is smaller, there are more places that it can be used in the home. You can place these small rugs and even runners in entryways, along the side of the bed, in front of a fireplace, draped across the dining room table when it’s not in use, as a wall hanging, in front or a dresser, or completely covering the top of a coffee table as a tablecloth. Whenever Turkish rugs were first brought into Europe, they were never placed on the floor. Instead they proudly drape a center table or some other prominent piece of furniture. Small runners work best in a large bathroom when its placed directly in front of a double sink while wide runners can make a beautiful wall hanging in entryways.

There are other important questions that need to be considered before you place a rug as well. These include how old is the rug, what type of condition is the rug in, and what type of rug is it? Delicate and fine rugs are definitely not a good choice for entryways in a busy household. Rugs from Afghanistan are considered to be extremely durable and make a great entryway rug.

Do the colors of the rug have to match the decor in the room? This is always asked as well and the answer to this question is no. If you actually take a close look at some hand woven rugs, you will find that it holds anywhere between two to ten colors. It is not the exact color that you should care about, but more of the overall appearance to the eye when glancing at the rug. The overall look is always the question. If you have a rug rich in details, it will look subtler if people entering the room view it from across the room. Sometimes you will only see one or two colors as the only visible impression when the rug itself has those ten to fifteen different colors in it.

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