How to Make Serious Money With Your Own Mobile Food Concession Trailer Business

July 17, 2022 0 Comments

The US economy is powered by the joint forces of 25 million small businesses. Over half of these enterprises are home based and they provide much needed services to their local community. The reason why entrepreneurs start a business is as varied as the types of different businesses that they choose. People start their own business as they are often tired of their current job. Many of them know that they can make more money working for themselves. Often they are looking for a new challenge, a different business field to explore or a way to change their lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. Some of them are members of minority groups, who have a hard time finding regular jobs in the traditional workplace. Some people, like senior citizens often look for part time employment opportunities to supplement their current income. Many people also start a business because they are passionate about something and have a burning desire to share their products with the world.

While the motivations to start a business vary a lot, the business goals of most Entrepreneurs are surprisingly similar. Most self employed business owners simply want to create their own job and their own income. This gives them more control over the money flowing into their lives- during good times and just as much during a Recession. Millions of Entrepreneurs have succeeded and they have done it with small budgets and by resisting the urge to expand beyond their limits.

One of the proven strategies to succeed in small business ventures is to keep the business expenses as low as possible. This is achieved by closely watching all expenses, like rent, utilities and advertising costs. But business as the biggest expense is labor, it also means to keep the business size under control. Statistics show that 75% of businesses in the US are so small, that they don’t even have any employees at all! They operate out of their home to keep the overhead low and are able to scale their operation to a perfect size to meet their financial needs.

In this article I would like to present a business idea to you, that excels in all of these aspects: The Mobile Food business! It is a small, scaled down version of a restaurant that can serve hundreds of people per day. It is very flexible, has high profit margins, is based on a proven concept and can be easily managed by one person.

The profits of most small food businesses are rising- even as the recession is showing its effects on our nation! While price-conscious consumers turn away from conventional restaurants, they are taking more meals back home. Many households like to go all out on convenience foods that offer a good bang for the buck: large buckets of fried chicken, Bar-B-Q Family Feasts or even pizzas that now come in packs of four. Creatively designed coupons give suggestions like: “Buy two and get two free” or “Free Soda with all family meals”…

Food vendors are getting creative with their marketing offers and by they have a solid track record of record sales. They offer everything from gourmet coffees to wood-oven baked pizzas, Sushi, Wraps and even Lobster dinners. Mobile food restaurants are on a roll as they keep up with the trend of the time. More than that- they are bold enough to define some trends themselves, by catering towards a certain lifestyle. The ever young and active family, that lives a life on the go and never quite seems to have time…

While many businesses struggle for survival, most food businesses managed to pull through and seem to enjoy a new surge in popularity. But what is it exactly that makes the mobile food business succeed when others fail? After all, any good business opportunity has to stand up to close inspection to be considered a valid option. I will share my own observations here with you, so you can understand the potential of the mobile food business. Here are eight reasons why you should consider looking further into starting a home based concession trailer business:

1. A good business has to make sense

In the real world, the only businesses that thrive and survive are the ones that fulfill a basic need and that offer real solutions. In a mobile food business, it is very easy to see, where the money comes from and how the profits are made. It is easy to understand why people exchange the value of money for a food or drink item. You might know of some locations that have an unrealized potential that you can fulfill and take home the profits at the same time.

2. A good business should show profits

The mobile food business has a daily stream of customers that pay mostly in cash money. The profits are instant and can be realized the very first day of business! After a while you will know exactly what income potential any location or event has. Weekdays have their own earning potential as well as weekend days. This is why some Mobile Food Business Operators choose to close their businesses on Mondays and Tuesdays rather than Saturdays and Sundays.

3. A good business should be simple to operate

A mobile food business is easy to understand and you don’t need years of schooling just to open your doors. You are able to teach the procedures to part-time helpers as well. Everything you need to know can be learned in our home study course, through research online or by assisting other mobile food vendors for a few days.

4. A good business should have low startup costs

How else can you open up a “Mini Restaurant” with similar earning potential with such a low investment? Some operators have been able to start out with a monthly lease agreement of less than $300. Others are able to start even on a smaller scale: with a sales tent that is very inexpensive and a daily fee to set up on shows and festivals. There are very few other businesses that will let you operate with these startup costs! You also benefit from low operating costs as you don’t have to pay the ever increasing monthly commercial utility bills that most other restaurants have to pay! You can stay small and mobile and at the same time serve many customers per day!

5. A good business should have a high earning potential

Some Operators of simple hot dog carts can make hundreds of dollars every day at a single location! The same potential is even easier to achieve with a concession trailer and a suitable sales menu. Some weekend events can make enough money so you can afford to take off the weekdays! I can show you how you can consistently make at least $500 per day in your own BBQ Catering Trailer Business!

6. A good business should offer the potential for growth

You can easily duplicate your initial efforts by hiring a person to do the actual serving of foods and use your time to set up a second food trailer. Strategically placed they can generate huge sums of cash money and the best part is- once everything is set up- you might be able to stay at home and make money at the same time! There are many underserved niche markets like residential neighborhoods, business districts and office parks that offer great earning potential!

7. A good business should be of service

It feels good to realize what the essence of the mobile food business really is: you are in the business of feeding hungry people! You are helping all of them out. How? By making their lives easier, by saving everybody time as they don’t have to cook and pack a meal for themselves. It really is a win-win situation! Your great food items generate many happy and satisfied customers, and you make money at the same time. And the best part is: They will be back to buy more from you- again and again!

8. A good business should increase happiness

A business only really makes sense, when you are truly happy about yourself and your daily work. The Catering Trailer Business is a fun and rewarding home based business opportunity- full of daily surprises and adventures! When you are dealing with the public, they expect a little bit of entertainment and showmanship as well. Entertaining personalities do extremely well in this business field.

Whatever you do- remember that happiness is an energy that goes back and forth. The more people you can make happy, the more people will make you happy as well!

The secret word to understanding the mobile food business is: “Catering”. Once you understand the basic concept of preparing food items in one area and serving them in another, you have understood what this business is all about! Your catering trailer is simply a tool to transport your food items to your sales location and a way to serve them in style. The Concession Trailer has all the Equipment you need to cook, heat and cool your food items. Plus, it also has hot running water as well as much needed storage space.

The different menu items you can sell are amazing: From wood oven baked gourmet pizzas to hickory smoked BBQ. From New York style hot dogs to custom sausages. From hot gourmet specialty foods like kettle corn and coffees to cool ice creams, smoothies and drinks

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