Why You Should Consider Garage Door Insulation

June 13, 2022 0 Comments

Recently while entering my neighborhood, I realized there is a new trend in garage door. My neighbors are now decorating garages organizing the garage for their own pleasure. Just take a stroll through some of the more elaborate neighborhoods. Notice the way some garages are painted in distinctive bold, beautiful colors. There is even carpeting or decorative flooring installed.

Homeowners are changing the way we think of garages. No longer are they just the place to park a car. Garages are now the home away from the living room for the entire family. Rather than having everyone fight about who watches what on television, many people are. They are hanging pictures of their Alma Mater, favorite teams, even their toys are placed very intricately around the garage.

One of my neighbors has his garage decorated so great, it could be a master bedroom. A highly paid executive at one of the major utility companies in the city has discussed the way in which she recently decorated his garage. He stated he had been banned to the garage so much that he now lives there. He has his big screen television, speakers, a pool table and is even considering installing a new door in the wall that goes directly into her shower. Heck, she stated she might just try to figure out how to install a wet bar.

So what do these people do in the winter? When the weather is in the low teens or below zero, most garage doors manufactured today just are not made to keep the garage very comfortable. Unless, these same people have decided to make sure the garage door is well insulated in advance, there is some updating necessary.

Short of installing a new garage door or doors, there are ways to insulate the existing door temporarily; or even permanently. If you’re going to be lounging in your garage, you need to make sure you have a comfortable place to rest.

To assure optimum comfort:

1). Select the insulation you need, like or has been recommended.

2). Cut the insulation to fit each slab of the door.

3). Place each section directly in line but behind the door panels.

4). Secure the insulation to the panel with tape, glue or nail it to guarantee it stays in place.

The above steps should be taken if you plan a DIY insulation job. You’ll be able to pick up a garage door insulation kit from your local hardware store. However, the most efficient way to install an insulated garage door is to hire a contractor. You know one of those people licensed, certified and qualified to perform garage door maintenance work.

Good luck.

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